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This book allows people to create wonderful recipes without the usage of egg. Egg adds to cholesterol of modern people with their drive through culture and non active living. Also, eggs are harboring living entities and it might not be proper to check their progress in life. The book helps my wife to prepare carrot and sponge cakes –By Ramesh Yerramsetti on December 4, 2014

Its the most efficient gift I have ever found and given to my wife. Now she bakes the most efficient vegeterian cakes. Also the preface has given philosophy about why we will have to be vegeterian and how to offer the cooked food to God and then have it as prasadam. –By Patilbaba on February 26, 2014


The concept of making cakes without eggs may sound difficult, but it isn’t new. Cintia Stammers has spent several years collecting, testing and refining recipes around the globe. This resulting book contains more than 200 recipes that show how imaginative egg free cakes may also be. The recipes are based on the principle that “you are what you eat”, leaning towards low-sugar, low fat and low cholesterol ingredients with emphasis on flavour, simplicity and health. For many who cannot eat eggs on account of allergy or because they have got chosen to cut them out of their diet, this will have to prove to be a handy book.

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