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“This small, stunningly designed book of not up to 100 pages is a murals, and its minimal prose reads like poetry . . . The prose is accompanied by Ms. Kalman’s beautifully expressive paintings–work she deems naive, cartoony and humorous, but which may be mysterious, subtle and wise. There’s all the time cake, the eating of cake and gathering around cake. There’s love and loss, heartbreak, celebration, poignant and hilarious times–all the time with cake. One might assume that the recipes are mere props in the sort of book. But Ms. Scott-Goodman is an accomplished cookbook author, and her 17 simple, festive and pretty cakes make an elegantly curated number of recipes that anybody might like to have in a little cookbook.” — Wall Street Journal

“The joyful illustrations and homey recipes beautifully celebrate the comfort of cake.” — Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Maira Kalman is an illustrator, an creator, and a designer. She is the creator of And the Pursuit of Happiness and The Principles of Uncertainty. She is the illustrator of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules and the bestselling edition of William Strunk and E. B. White’s The Elements of Style. Kalman’s work is shown at the Julie Saul Gallery in Manhattan.

Barbara Scott-Goodman is an creator, a food author, and a designer. She is the creator of The Beach House Cookbook, Wine Bites, and Brooklyn Bar Bites. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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